NAD+ Therapy
Our Total Beauty IV is updated!!

The brand-new vitamin IV course has a potent antioxidant which will have exhaustion-recovering effects and keep your immune systems working strong to fight infection.
Furthermore, it supports your skin problem, such as lighten any dark spots or discolorations.

Selectable vitamin IV

Very New menu !!!! 【Vitamin IV Course】 The selected five IV course for your health and wellness in Bangkok.
Feel better doing your day to day activties without fatigue or heatstroke.

☆Vitamin Boost IV 980B

☆Anti-melasma IV 1,280B

☆Total Beauty IV 1,680B/1,880B/2,080B

☆Boost Immune IV 1,480B

☆Relax IV 770B

Choosing IV course through Doctor's consulting firstly.
Lightening and smooth skin, Anti-aging, Detox, Boost immune, Relax, Sleep well, , etc.
You can get some suitable supplements for your IV that keeps taking care of yourself at home as well.

It’ll be cheaper to buy them as a set

◆3 month course (4 times) 10%OFF
◆6 months course (8 times) 15%OFF
◆9 months course (12 times) 20%OFF

Please check the affordable price as of the monthly course!
Please make an appointment from the appointment form below.


Couse Price Supplement

Vitamin Boost

980THB Multi Vitamins & Minerals 10tablets

This ultimate Vitamine C drip is brightedned your skin and helps turn back from the time inside out. For your fatigue, Damaged skin caused from Sunburn.


1,280THB Vitamin C (1000mg) 10tablets

The doctor's selected high dose Vitamine C drip and home care supplement for skin brightening, Detox tea.

Total Beauty

1) 1,680THB
2) 1,880THB
3) 2,080THB
Vitamin C (1000mg) 10tablets
Collagen(1300mg)&CoQ10(30mg) 10tablets

Armed with high dose vitamines will have you feeling better and smooth skin in no time. A boost of energy from five selected home care supplements to get you through the week.

Boost Immune

1,480THB Vitamin C (1000mg) 10tablets
Betaglucan 10tablets

This Vitamines drip and Beta glucan supplement will shorten the duration of illness by the attacking the problem not just the symtoms. Boost immune system helps prevention of common cold as well.


770THB Valian X 10tablets

For a light sleeper, Vitamin B drip makes relaxing your body & mind. Harbal supplements are great for maintanance your sleep in balance.

  • ※This price is all included Doctor fee, Nursing fee and Facilitation fee.
    ※For smooth treatment, We suggest patients to make an appointment in advance.
    ※This price list is as of May 2020. It maybe changed or finished without any notice.

BLEZ Vitamin IV Bar

Vitamin IV drip in 20 minutes!!

Short time vitamin IV drip bar for busy workers is open now!!

When you feel tired and your immune system needs a boost, you can just stop by our clinic to take a vitamin iv drip after work or during lunch break.

Vitamin IV drip is an effective way to deliver nutrients to your body. Delivering nutrients directly into your bloodstream makes you completely absorb them into your body, you can get the benefit from them immediately.

☆ 10% off from the regular vitamin IV course ☆

☆Vitamin Boost IV 980B >>> 880B

☆Anti-melasma IV 1,280B >>> 1,150B

☆Total Beauty IV 1,680B/1,880B/2,080B >>> 1,510B/1,690B/1,870B

☆Boost Immune IV 1,480B >>> 1,330B

☆Relax IV 770B >>> 690B

**no vitamin supplements for this short time IV
**doctor's consultation for the first time
**20 minutes is for drip time, We recommend that you make an appointment in advance for the smooth process.