Procedure of Online Consultation

Blez Clinic's Online Video Consultation use "LINE" video call application.

Online Video Consultation works with some easy cases.
Because it has a limit that palpation and some examinations are unable to do.

Use Online Video Consultation when you

feel worried about your symptom but it is not likely to go to the hospital.
need medicine for your chronic disease such as hypertension, etc.
want a second opinion.
want to ask about similar medicines that you take from your country.

For the procedure of Online Video Consultation, please check the details below.

1. Fill in questionnaire For the first visit only. For revisit, go to Step 2

2. Send a photo of your passport For revisit, send the details of consultation

When you finished your questionnaire, please add our clinic's LINE account and send your passport photo.

Please inform us by chat when you finished your questionnaire and send a passport photo.

3. Payment Method: Advance Payment

We will check your questionnaire and passport photo.
If Online Video Consultation is able, we will inform you in LINE.
Make advance payment by transfer to the bank account that we sent.

When your payment is complete, please send us a payment slip photo.

4. Confirmation of Online Video Consultation date and time

After checked your payment slip, we will inform the confirmation date and time of Online Video Consultation.
Please inform us your preferred date and time.

5. Start Online Video Consultation

We will start Online Video Consultation on appointment date and time, by LINE video call application.
Please prepare yourself at good network environment.

6. Online Video Consultation Finished

If only consultation, we will issue a receipt and medical certificate in PDF and send them to you by LINE.

7. Prescribe Medicine (If needed)

If the doctor prescribes a medicine, we will send the medication fee and delivery fee by LINE.
If you agree, please make a payment by transfer to the bank account that we gave at the beginning.
After confirm your payment, we will send the medicine with the receipt.

8. Finish

These are the procedure of Online Video Consultation.
We are looking forward to your contact.

Precaution of Online Video Consultation

Please make sure that you can answer our LINE CALL in an appointment date and time.
If the network is too unstable, the customer has to make a new appointment on a different day.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
If you want to make an appointment for Online Video Consultation now, please fill in the Online Questionnaire Form.