New!!!! A must-see for company personnel. Started promotion for corporations.

I think that many corporations have a medical examination as a company welfare program, but there is also a group discount for regular medical examinations for corporations at this clinic.
We also issue a medical certificate for a work permit application and a driver's license at a corporate price.
Also, there is a special promotion for corporations who are vaccinated against influenza, which is also prevalent in Thailand, and “Boost Immune” for bodies whose immunity has declined due to work fatigue.
Please feel free to contact us.

☆Medical Certificate for Work Permit (Corporate) 10 times〜

☆Vaccination against Influenza (Corporate) 10 times〜

☆Boost Immune IV Drip (Corporate) 10 times〜

☆Yearly General Checkup for Team staff (Corporate) 10 times〜

All the desired promotions will be paid in advance by 10 people and a free consultation card will be given for each person.
There is no expiration date. If you make a reservation in advance, you will be able to consult smoothly.
A receipt will be issued upon payment.
Please refrain from reselling or transferring a free consultation card in the name of a corporation to employees other than employees and their relatives.
To apply, please contact us via the inquiry form, phone or email.

Promotion for Corporate

Promotion times price(include tax)

Medical Certificate
for Work Permit

10 times 10 times 4,000 baht(400 baht per check)

It's usually 500 baht per checkup, you'll get a 1,000 baht discount with this 10 times checkup course.

You can reduce the fixed cost for a work permit.
※Please show your passport or ID card.

Vaccination against

10 times 10 times 8,000 baht ( 800 baht per vaccination )

It's usually 980 baht per dose, you'll get a 1,800 baht discount with this 10 times course.

Highly recommended for the clients who take annual vaccination and their family members.

Boost Immune IV Drip

10 times 10 times 11,800 baht ( 1,180 baht per drip )

It helps your immune system against diseases and fatigue.

To recover your energy, We recommend this quick IV drip in your lunchtime or after working.
The 10 times course is discounted 3,000 baht. The regular price is 1,480 baht per drip.

Yearly General Checkup
for Team staff

10 times 10 times 20,800 baht ( 2,080 baht per check-up )

The regular price for a checkup is 2,400B per time.

You'll get a 3,200 baht discount with a 10 times course.
you can use it for all employee welfare benefits including Thai employees.

You can see more detail about our health check-up program here.

  • ※This price is all included the Doctor fee, Nursing fee, and Facilitation fee.
    ※We recommend that you make an appointment in advance for the smooth process of your treatment.
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