Great vaccine package

Immunizations SET A SET B SET C
Hepatitis A  
Japanese encephalitis    
PRICE 2,990THB 5,990THB 8,990THB
  • ※For more details on the type of vaccine · number of vaccinations etc, please see the list below.

Add-on vaccination

Immunizations PRICE
Influenza 800THB
Hepatitis B (Antigen and Antibody check) 800THB
Hepatitis A (Antibody check) 850THB
Hepatitis B (3 Times) 1,800THB
Hepatitis A&B (3 Times) 4,200THB
Japanese Encephalitis Virus 700THB
  • ※This is available as an additional option of the vaccine package.Please see the list below for the price of single vaccine.

Price list of Vaccines (As of July 2021)

ImmunizationsVaccine namePrice/DoseRequired DosePackageEffective periodRemarks
Hepatitis AHavrix14403,000THB2 times5,500THB15 yearsRecommended in Southeast Asia.
Hepatitis BEngerix-B1,800THB3 times4,400THB10 yearsRecommended in Southeast Asia.
Hepatitis A+BTwinrix2,400THB3 times6,200THB-Recommended in Southeast Asia.
Diphtheria Toxoid + TetanusTetanus Toxoid1,200THB3 times2,600THB10 yearsRecommended in Southeast Asia.
SPEEDA1,650THB3 times3,950THB3 yearsRecommended in Southeast Asia.
After exposure extra
2shots are needed.
SPEEDA1,650THB5 times6,250THBRecommended in Southeast Asia.
HPV/Cervical cancerGARDASIL 910,000THB3 times32,000THBSet an appointment
in advance.
Japanese- EncephalitisIMOJEV1,800THB1 times-5 yearsRecommended in Southeast Asia. Set an appointment
in advance.
TyphoidTyphim vi1,890THB1 times-5 yearsRecommended in Southeast Asia.
InfluenzaVaxigripTetra980THB1 time-1 yearIncluding doctor fee, nursing fee and facility service fee.
ChickenpoxVARILRIX3,180THB1 time--Set an appointment
in advance.
Chickenpox/Herpes ZosterVARILRIX3,180THB1 time--Set an appointment
in advance.
Pneumococcal vaccine 13Prevnar5,880THB1 time--Set an appointment
in advance.
MMRPriorix1,700THB1 time--Set an appointment
in advance.
  • ※The prices include Doctor Fee, Nursing and Service Fee, Facility and Equipment Fee.
  • ※Price list as of October 2021. All prices are subject to change without notice.
  • ※We recommend you make an appointment to shorten wait times.
  • (1) Rabies (Pre-Exposure) is a prevention for individuals who are at high risk of exposure to rabies.
  • (2) Rabies (Post-Exposure) is a treatment for those have already been exposed to possible rabies infection.

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