We have launched a new service of COVID-19 PCR test using saliva.

You can take the test at home or at work.

Laboratory staff will visit you on your appointment date&time to collect your saliva.

We will notify your results via e-mail in 24 to 48 hours after collecting your saliva.

We provide the service only in Bangkok and Metropolitan Region.
Travel costs 500 baht would be charged for outside of Bangkok.

4 Steps to get COVID-19 PCR test

Step 1. Fill in the Covid PCR Test Appointment Form

Please make an appointment from the page below.

*Available Time: 10:00 to 15:00
*Available Date: Weekdays
(weekends and holidays are unavailable)
*Please make a payment before the appointment.

Our laboratory has changed operating hours. (updated:21.10.2021)

Step 2. Advance Payment

After we confirm your appointment,
we would send you the payment details by email,
then please make an online payment to the bank account below.

Bank: The Siam Commercial Bank PCL.
Branch number: 0340
Account no: 340-220015-7
Saving account: MR. NAOKI IIDA

Please send the payment statement to "info@blez-clinic.com" or "Line ID:@386gbngv" once you have transferred.

Step 3. Collect your Saliva

A Trained staff(Thai) will visit you on the appointment time.

click to show the detail of collection procedure

Saliva collection procedure

  1. Read the consent form and fill in your name.
  2. Check your name on the container.
  3. The best time to collect the saliva is when you wake up in the morning.
  4. Do not brush your teeth, gargle (including the use of gargle), or eat/drink (including gum) for at least one hour before saliva collection.
  5. Wash and clean your hands before saliva collection
  6. Take the container out from the ziploc bag and open the lid, taking care not to spill any liquid inside.
  7. Collect your saliva up to the line marked on the container and close the lid tightly.
  8. After collection, check the outside of container (for foreign objects, etc.) and wrap the lid with Parafilm.
  9. Wash and clean your hands with soap or alcohol, put the container into the ziploc bag and close the bag tightly.
  10. Hand the ziploc bag with the container and the consent form to the laboratory staff.

close the procedure

click to show the consent form

Informed Consent for Testing COVID-19

The detection of viruses 2019-nCov or SARS-CoV-2 by sampling the nasal cavity (Nasopharyngeal swab) might cause a risk to medical staff whom expose to infected patients. It may also cause bleeding and wound within the nasal cavity during the sampling procedure.

Therefore, individually checking for infections by taking the sputum and saliva samples is another way to reduce the risk for healthcare providers. Person does not need to take a risk of receiving wound or bleeding from the nose sampling procedure. It is also convenient for people not having to leave their residents to visit hospital which will help reduce their risk of infecting or spreading the virus during the whole process.

The accuracy of detecting SARS-CoV-2 from saliva is up to 90% (Referred to Consistent Detection of 2019 Novel Coronavirus in Saliva, Clinical Infectious Disease, ciaa149, http://doi.org/10.1093.cid/ciaa149). The Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health (Thailand), states that COVID-19 pathogens detected in saliva are as high as 88.6% second to only in nasal mucous. Yet, any laboratory testing may show inconclusive result due to many factors including inaccurate sampling.

Therefore, please sign your name below to express your informed consent;

I agree to take my own saliva samples for checking the pathogen SARS-CoV-2 in the standard laboratory certified by the Department of Medical Science, Ministry of Public Health (Thailand) and I accept the small discrepancies that may occur based on the previous statements.

In case the result is reported positive meaning you are infected with SARS-CoV-2, the inspection institute has the right to redirect your test result to the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health (Thailand) as Communicable Disease Act announced by National Communicable Disease Committee 2015. Moreover, you agree to travel to the hospital as directed by the Ministry of Public Health (Thailand) to take part in the checkups, quarantine, or isolation, based on your situation as announced by the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health (Thailand). Our team will be delighted to provide you with our high quality and innovative services.

close the consent form

Step 4. Get the Result

The result will be sent within 48 Hours by the Email.

Please let us know if you need a Medical Certificate for travel

*The test result only shows result.

If canceled by noon 2 days before the appointment, no fee will be charged.
If canceled by noon the day before the appointment, 60% of the total fee will be charged.
If canceled on the appointment, 100% of the total fee will be charged.